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Digital Marketing Course

"Discover the Blueprint to Launching a Lucrative Online Business, Perfect for Beginners with No Previous Experience!"

Imagine the daily struggle of living on a single income as family with ever growing needs.

The desire to contribute financially while nurturing your family is a balancing act many face. But what if there was a solution?

Picture being empowered to start your own online business, even without prior skills or knowledge.

That's where we come in. We provide the tools, guidance, and support you need to launch your venture from the comfort of your home.

With flexible hours, no commute, unlimited income potential, and the pride of being your own boss, starting your online business is more achievable than ever!

  • Dive into Building Your Own Digital Marketing Business with 150+ Simple, Step-by-Step Modules – Ideal for Beginners!

  • Enjoy Lifetime Access to Continuous Course Updates and a Amazing Supportive Community, All with No Monthly Fees or Hidden Charges!

  • Discover the Secrets to Crafting In-Demand Digital Products or Even Sell THIS COURSE Itself! It's All Done for You, Ready to Be Sold for 100% Profit – Ensuring Every Penny Goes Directly to You Because This Course Will Be Yours!

Email Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is the key to boosting revenue. Are you curious about setting up and automating your email campaigns for passive income? Click here for details

Personal Branding

All the way from creating a sales funnel, crafting your brand, defining your target audience, to ensuring their loyalty as lifelong customers!

Social Media Content Strategy

Boost your brand, engage your audience, and drive results through high-value and high-converting content to help you make more sales in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


An Extensive Online Marketing and Business Training. Our digital product is a Business Training teaching you how to Market a business the correct way, put your business on auto-pilot, and create high-converting content to your offer.


The digital product is what you can sell for 100% profit. This product was created with you in mind, and we grant YOU the Master Resell Rights to it. This means with the purchase of your product, you also get the full resale rights to sell it as your own for 100% profit.


Master Resell Rights. True MRR products allow you to buy a digital product ONE Time and Resell that same product as your own for 100% profit. You DO NOT have to create the product because we already created it for you.


YES. Your customers are welcome to access all the training modules, all the added trainings and the FREE community as well within our Kajabi Platform. You also have the ability to download each training module on your own devices!


NO. We pride ourselves on having no upsells. No monthly fees. With your ONE Time purchase, you receive the digital product business training, a Free community, and Free 1-1 Calls for Business help and personalized mentorship along your journey. Your customers pay YOU directly, we never take a dime when you resell it.


NO. This is completely customized to you. Some people purchase just to receive the training and mentorship. Other purchase with the intent to resell it. That is completely up to you. We commit to teaching you the high income skills to make money online. You can apply the training to ANY Business.

Real People, Real Testimonies!


"Purchasing this product has been LIFE-CHANGING! I have tried selling everything under the sun to be able to work from home but wmi was just out of pocket trying to learn. I have a family here. I love everything about the community and I can't say enough about this beginner-friendly course either. My only regret is not getting in sooner! It took me a whole ONE MONTH to make this my full-time income and live more comfortably than EVER before!


"Yesterday was 7 days since posting my first MRR TikTok… grossed more than I pay myself in my brick and mortar business that has 10 employees 🤯🤯🤯 I don’t pay myself an outrageous amount since I reinvest back into the business, but mind-blowing to me to see the proof of this model working in a way that helps other people too!"


Definitely The Right Fit!

"I've purchased three other courses in the past month and what I found was those courses had gaps in their programs. Master Resell Rights fills all of those missing gaps. What I love most about this course is the business fundamentals that no other course offers, along with the level of professionalism in video quality and explanation. It truly is a college-level course!"


"I never knew MRR was a thing until I happened to come across this on TikTok. And boy am I SO glad I came across it. I have tried EVERYTHING to earn extra money online from home. I tried multiple MLMs, tried getting my Life Insurance License, tried affiliate marketing with LM and HBA (Home Business Academy), and failed at it ALL.

I got into this training, learned to build my sales process from the ground up, and put in the work and this was the ONLY thing I tried that actually WORKED. It is the only thing I did that I actually MADE MONEY from. I can't believe it. I can finally tell my husband I didn't lose money, I EARNED more than I invested in this. and it's only going to go up from here! Especially when you have the MOST amazing, supportive, helpful, just overall great community behind me every step of the way. I cannot wait to see where this takes me and my family. So grateful for this opportunity!


"I started this MRR course, without knowing a single thing about selling digital products. When my friend C mentioned this course to me originally I was super confused, and what I was actually selling, and then I realized how simple it actually is. I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years & knew this opportunity was gonna be super successful for me. I’m a go-getter and a firm believer in working smarter, not harder. with that being said, I made $5.5k in my first 2 1/2 weeks reselling this course, but I couldn’t say it enough to stay consistent. I’m so happy to be here and even more excited to share with everybody else."


Converted from Affiliate Marketing

"I started out doing affiliate marketing like most do by becoming an Amazon affiliate and learned I needed to find a good training for media marketing and then a friend introduced me to LM and I figured why not sign up for a $7 15-day business builder course, I was unable to buy the blueprints and tried everything I could think of to make it work so I could buy the blueprints, I was dead set on coming up with the money one way or another and then I came across IPS luckily I did not buy in, I tried my hardest to logically make that make sense before trying it and after doing research I decided that was not for me either. I came across a video of this new program that was a master resell rights business training and after digging into it breaking it down logically in my head and ultimately seeing what it was in videos... well let's just say I did not think twice to sign up at the price point it was at. Value far surpasses cost with this training and the community is more like family, we are all here to support each other."

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